Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Update...

Well, I have learned a few things since my last update.  I have washed my "practice" kirtle and I now realize that only using 2 strands of linen thread is not going to work.  Several of my blanket stitches have come apart due to stress.  I can now see why the thicker linen thread (80/3) is a much better option.  I just wish they had more color choices!  I think the 3 strands will be fine for the embroidery thread...that gets twice the use out of the length at least. 

So obviously I will be going ahead with my real kirtle now, and use the herringbone wool I had originally planned on.  I am just not sure how meticulous I need to be pattern wise.  for the arms & side gores, should they be exact?  I'm not sure I have enough fabric to make everything exact.  With herringbone is it that noticeable?  I guess once I get to cutting I will figure it out in a hurry lol! 

I am still holding off on my braes & hose as those are going to be a bear.  I am doing the wrap around braes, not the preformed leg pattern and I am having a hard time finding a pattern reference for those.  And I just haven't had time to make the pattern for the hose yet.  But I will! 

The last two items, the leather garters and the phrygian cap should be fairly easy.  Although I am still working out how much of a "smurf bump" I want on the top lol.  Once I get that down I am going to most likely make a couple for gifts as well.

I took a little time off from the ACC to do gift #2 which was a linen tunic for Brynjolfr, the Queen's Champion.  He stepped up and took on autocratting Ely's Knighting when it had to be postponed and I knew he didn't have much garb wise.  Of course without measurements (because it was a surprise) I made it a bit too large, so I am going to have to rip some seams & cut it down a bit.  Luckily he will be at Solstice and I can gift it to him then!  He at least got to see what I was doing and I got to see just how too long I'd made it. 

I can not judge clothing size any more!  I used to be able to look at something, know it would fit and it be perfect.  Now, I can't judge for crap.  Not for me, not for Greg not for SUCKS!!! 

I am headed upstairs to try and cut my kirtle out...pray for my soul!


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  1. Oh pish, your stuff is gorgeous! I'll bet your soul will emerge unscathed ;)