Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Official Kirtle has been started...

I managed to get the herringbone wool cut for my kirtle tonight.  With the help of some of the "Garb Gals" (a group you should all look into on Facebook if you aren't there already!) I figured out how to make the pattern work on the arms & gores.  Its what I was dreading most.  So it is all cut out, I have found the right wool to use as my neck & arm borders and found that one of the trims I got at Crown from Calontir Trims will work out nicely for it.  Tomorrow I start sewing, with the lofty goal of possibly having it ready to wear for 1000 Eye's Baronial Birthday a week from Saturday!  Guess we shall see lol...

In finally making the decision on going with the herringbome wool, I can now go ahead and use the light weight purple wool I have as my circle cloak.  I have 4+ yards of 90" wide fabric so I think I can get a circle cloak out of it.  Since its a lighter wool than the weight I made Magnus' cloak out of it won't kill my shoulders and if I find its not thick enough I can always go back and line it with linen should I feel the need.  So, things are progressing nicely and I should be on track to finish these two things before Thanksgiving then all I will have left are my braes, hose, phrygian cap and garters.  Which should be fairly easy...(she says hesitantly) lol!



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  3. Awesome..i cant wait to see it. I plan on wearing some of mine to that event as well.

    Are you still hand sewing everything?

  4. Wonderful! I look forward to checking you out at Baronial Birthday then >;p And yes I am still hand sewing everything. Its now a sickness I can't get better from lol. Everytime I consider sewing something on my machine I think, it will hang so much better if I hand sew it. Although my belly dance gear I will still do on the machine...until my OCD takes over on that too lol!

  5. I would not be anywhere done on ANY piece (except maybe the veil) if I did them all by hand. I finish the flat-fell on the kaftan and am doing the triangles by hand, but I am just not fast enough to get all done.

    PLUS - a lady of my station would have had minions to help out, right?

    My sewing machine is my minion