Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'll raise ya 2 gores & an Arm band =)

Well I have managed to get both side gores done and one arm band finished.  I decided not to do the blanket stitch on the arm band this time.  I think with the herringbone pattern it would just be too much.  I think the running stitch is much cleaner and makes the trim stand out better.  At least I hope so...

Should finish the other arm band tomorrow then start stitching the body together and put the neck section on.  I may do the trim on it a little different, just depends on what I feel like when I get to it.  I will probably still do the blanket stitching around the neck opening with the Terra Cotta linen thread but I will see how it looks once I get everything else sewn in. 

I am honestly quite surprised with how happy I am with the color blending.  I was really worried it would not look right with the herringbone pattern but, I am really digging it!!!  Costuming Karma at its finest heheh...


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  1. Interesting side note, I had NOT noticed I'd done the wrong side of the trim until I went to put it on the 2nd arm. However, with that said, I actually like the look of the first one so decided instead of ripping it out and redoing it I would leave it as is. While the dark blue looked great in the fabric choice photos, I like the other side ya go!