Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trying times indeed...

Seems the only thing that has progressed is the pain in my right wrist lol!  Since before Barons War I have had a little cyst on my wrist bone.  It was annoying and only mildly painful.  Well since Barons War it has gotten exponentially worse.  It has now moved into the tendons & I can not flex my wrist, make a fist, lift anything heavier than a pencil and can't do any of my upper body workouts.  Even running hurts if I don't wear a brace (because I just let my hands kind of go slack as I run). 

Thus, my Knight has benched me.  I can't pick up my spear until I can get the cyst removed.  So hopefully this week or next I will go in & they will do a tiny incision and remove it.  At least thats the best outcome I can have.  Worst case is there's something else wrong! 

So I have not gotten anything cut out yet.  But, I am hopeful to get things cut out this weekend so that I can start handsewing soon.  I figure cutting will be the worst after surgery so if I get it all cut out now, I can sew at my own pace.  And until I go under the knife I will wear my brace like a good little girl & just sew since I can't fight! 

Here's to hoping I can get away with this plan...


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  1. Better go easy on yourself. If that means switching up weapon styles (a needle can be a weapon) ;o), then so be it.

    Take care!