Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prep Work almost done!!!

Having never done ANYTHING like this before I was really not sure how to actually get started.  I kept wanting to just jump in and start sewing but alas, wasn't sure on which linen I was going to use for what piece and of course there's the whole "thread issue".  So, having been given some very wise advice from some very wise Laurels I have gotten my documentation together first. 

At least I think its the documentation I need lol.  I stated in my entry that I would be doing Italian Norman but alas after some research diving, Normans IN Italy would still be wearing what Normans elsewhere would have worn.  They loathed Byzantine clothing and even after Robert wore a Dalmatica to his Coronation as Duke, they STILL thought it horrible.  Some even revolted based on that alone!  But I digress...

So, I have found several patterns that I will be using and I will basically be following the guidelines that Hastings re-enactors are required to follow to even be allowed on the field.  Its a great place to start as they are pretty picky about what you can & can't do.  On top of that I have found a great resource in Marc Carlson's site and this should give me everything I need!

Now, the "Thread Issue".  You would THINK that Salt Lake is a thriving Artisan Metropolis...yet how is it that we don't have a single place that sells Linen Thread!  One would hope the weavers, knitters & seamstresses here would call for it yet the only place that I can seem to find it is The Needlepoint Joint in Ogden!  So driving an hour each way just to get thread is going to be a chore.  However, Saturday I made a lunch date up there so now I have an excuse lol!  Needless to say I will be taking swatches of ALL my linen and buying at least one spool of what I need for each color I have.  Then I can call & reorder whatever I need later, but at least I will know it matches!

I had planned to start cutting on Saturday but that may hold out until sometime next week.  I don't want to cut something out and NOT be able to find thread to match the linen.  As far as I can tell contrasting colors on at least the under pieces was not common.  I will be doing some decorative stitching on the shirt possibly, and I know I will do some trim work for the kirtle and over tunic but the braies & hose were pretty plain evidently. 

If anyone has seen any documentation on embossing, decorating or even embroidering the leather garters, let me know.  I would love to do something a little more detailed for them.

Thanks for Reading!



  1. Not having a place like Needlepoint Joint around would be a blessing for me... I can never seem to get out of there without spending a ton of cash. *sigh* I can't wait to see your project progress.

    I have heard that some people carefully draw threads out of their linen fabric, and use that to stitch with. It wouldn't work too well for machine sewing, but is great for the hand-work you plan to do.

  2. Ok I would have NEVER thought of doing that! If worse comes to worse lol I will try it. I know I cut enough of the threads off after I wash it lol, shouldn't be too hard to gleen some out of the fabric itself! Thanks for the suggestion =)

  3. You know - there people who would call driving 2 hours for a type of thread, 'crazy'.

    I may or may not be one of them, but I thought I'd warn you that such folk exist


  4. OMG I never never even thought about pulling threads to sew with either. Jaqueline you are freaking the AWESOME!!

    Rogue - yes you would think that utah being what it is we have better access to natural fibers and whatnot. Alas, this is quilt crap capital of the world. Unless you want polar fleece with a logo of some sort on it, OR every possible shade and pattern of printed quilters cotton you could imagine.