Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Plan...Linen, Wool & Leather Oh My!!!

I am planning on doing a full 11th Century Italio-Norman outfit for the Artemisian Costuming Challenge.  I will be doing it as period as possible and handsewing it ALL!  I do qualify myself as a Novice as I have never actually hand sewn a garment other than repair and have only this year started making my own garb from start to finish with a machine.

(List Edited for correctness in period 07.12.11)
Layer 1) Linen Braies & Linen Hose
Layer 2) Linen Shirt & Wool Kirtle
Layer 3) Wool Cloak 
Layer 4)  Leather Garters, a Wool Phrygian cap and possibly a purse or belt of some sort

I have most of the linen that is required, I also have all the wool for my cloak & liripipe & the leather for my accessories.  The things I lack at this point are linen thread, wool thread & any trim I might choose to add to any of the peices.  Other than that, I am in pretty good shape.  Thankfully 11th Century isn't TOO full of bling, although since I am doing Italian Norman they do have a more Byzantine influence and therefore did like a bit more embellishment. 

So there you have it!  Let us hope I keep what sanity I may still have within me hehe...


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  1. I have edited the official item list to make it as period as possible.