Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flat Felled Seams!

Well it was tough but after Bianca's class, various videos on youtube, talking with friends in the ACC & reading an online article on period sewing techniques http://www.marquise.de/en/themes/howto/technik.shtml, I finally felt ready enough to start sewing.  It's odd because I would normally have had this thing whipped out in under an hour on a machine.  So far...I have one shoulder seam done!  LOL =)

I took some shots of the seam because...well...I am pretty proud of myself!  I know its not perfect but I am excited to have it truly started.  I did get to discuss the process of documentation and what the process is from a find to what you hold in your hand.  That helped a lot.  I realize I was truly trying to overthink the whole process...which to those who know me, should not come as a complete surprise ROFL!

The top picture is the rightside and the bottom picture is the underside of the seam.  I also have managed to gleen a few linen threads long enough to sew with so far.  That was an AMAZING idea to take threads from the actual fabric to sew with! 

All in all I am happy with my progress.  I am still so excited about finally figuring it out I want to stay up longer just to sew, however I know that won't last long. 

One other major discovery was made while sewing tonight...Disturbed & Godsmack make great sewing songs!!! 

Hope you all have a glorious week!

Cheers ~ Rogue


  1. You'll get to the point where its automatic and therapeutic. I love hand sewing now, though I hated it when I first started. Its so easy to pop a movie in then go to town.
    Remind me to show you a trick Baroness Brianna showed me at Uprising to check your stitch lengths :)

    Looks awesome and you're doing great!

  2. Got both shoulder seams done now & attached one arm! And you're right Fia, it does get automatic, once I know I am sewing it the correct way lol. Feeling pretty good about it so far!