Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, I didn't think I would finish everything but I am happy I have.  Still have some edits to do on my documentation and need a 2nd person home to take photos of me wearing the entire outfit (those will get done tomorrow to send out by the deadline) but all in all I feel really good about it all.

After its all said and done I did the following based on an 11th century Norman male outfit:

Layer 1) White linen shirt, hand sewn with beeswaxed linen thread. 
Layer 2) Wool Kirtle, hand sewn with beeswaxed linen thread, with fingerloop braided trim and purchased wool trim. 
Layer 3) Wool cloak, hand sewn with beeswaxed linen thread.
Layer 4) Wool Phrygian Cap, hand sewn with beeswaxed linen thread & purchased wool trim.
Additional Accessory: Leather garters sewn with sinew, decorated by hand, using purchased period buckles.

In the end I did not make my braies or hose but will eventually.  Issues with tendinitis and my work schedule got in the way time wise but before Gulf Wars in March they will get done just for my personal satisfaction. 

I will post here the final photos once I get them all taken and edited.  I have learned so much doing this project and have found just how therapeutic hand sewing can be.  I look forward to doing so much more and will post things here in the future!

Thank you all for your support in my first big sewing adventure =)

HL Helchen the Rogue of Capua

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