Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trade done! Thank you Morgan...you amazing Vicaress!!!

Many of you know Morgan & I did a little trading.  We finally completed the exchange over Coronation weekend!  I had sent home (via Royal carriage from Baron's War) some chocolate silk for her to use in the ACC.  So this weekend in exchange, she taught me how to do finger braiding and how to make braided trim.  I will be using this technique to make the drawstring for my braies & the ties for my hose.  I may also use it as trim on my tunic and/or shirt. 

Once you get the hang of it, its very simple.  I have done a few test pieces but I think on my way up to Harvest War the weekend of the 15th, I will stop in & get some of the thicker linen thread and see how that braids up.  If it doesn't do well I will use cotton but I think the linen will work nicely.

I haven't gotten a new piece cut out yet but should have the braies cut out tomorrow.  I was just too tired from Coronation & the drive home to do anything but veg.
 Sometimes you just gotta give up and watch vampire TV =)